eBay Active Content Compliant Designs

Ebay revealed in the Spring 2016 Seller Release that the use of Active Content in eBay Listings is being taken away.
Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins. This this kind of active content is not compatible with cellular devices and also poses possible security risks.

From Spring 2017 eBay will restrict the utilization of this content in brand new listings.

By Fall 2017 eBay will block and eliminate brand new and listings as well as existing listings.

This means all sellers using active content will have to update their listings to become conform with eBay’s new rules.

How can this affect Sixty4 ebay Shop Design’s services?

It does not! As an eBay certified provider of design, we have been hard at work re-developing our services to offer the exact same functionality makes a great Active Content Compliant platform.

All new Sixty4 ebay Shop Design eBay listing designs are active content compliant.

We are continuing to offer the following great features on listings with no use of Flash, JavaScript, Form Actions or plug-ins:

  • Responsive mobile design
  • Zooming image gallery
  • Product information tabs
  • Dynamic shop categories that update across all listings Unique to Sixty4 ebay Shop Design
  • Dynamic, intelligent, cross promotion that offer related items, not random un-related items Unique to Sixty4 ebay Shop Design

View reside examples of Active Content Compliant design

Do you have Active Content in your current listings?

We’ve additionally developed a solution for new Sixty4 ebay Shop Design customers where we are able to remove Active Content from their existing listings. Unique to Sixty4 ebay Shop Design

We will then apply your new design on behalf of the seller, saving weeks of work!

Do you have Active Content in on your listings but aren’t a Sixty4 ebay Shop Design customer?

Don’t panic! We have a listing rescue package available where we strip active content out leaving you with good listings that are clean.

Current Sixty4 ebay Shop Design Customers

Current Sixty4 ebay Shop Design customers do not need to worry, we shall be contacting our clients in due course to arrange their conversions.

We will do all the work, including converting listings that are existing be Active Content Compliant well in front of the eBay deadline.

If you have an Sixty4 ebay Shop Design and wish to fast-track your conversion, why not talk with us about a vastly paid down re-design?